Precision. Expertise. Innovation.
At Confelicity Surgeon Group, we understand innovation happens best in collaboration, led by our team of fellowship trained, orthopedic and spine surgeons.
From Start to Finish
We are an incubator for new orthopedic and spine ideas. From fundraising, to product development, to regulatory clearance, to commercializations, Confelicity is involved every step of the way.
Leading the Way in Medical Implants
Confelicity is the leading surgeon group housing experts and experienced surgeons, providing medical implants, surgical advise, and guidance within the medical community.

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At Confelicity Surgeon Group, we work side-by-side with the industry-leading engineers to design and manufacture clinically-driven solutions to the most complex orthopedic and spine modalities. We have the clinical expertise to drive proven reproducible results for pain-free, minimally invasive procedures.


Medical Implants

At Confelicity Surgeon Group, we perform learned and clinically proven methods and surgical procedures with medical implants. Ranging from all kinds of orthopedic and spinal equipment, called internal fixations, we have researched on and experienced all types of orthopedic and spinal problems while focusing on advanced and clinically proven innovation technologies for pain-free, safe, minimally invasive and efficient healthcare management.

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