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Agro Bioresearch offers a comprehensive range of laboratory and growth chamber assays designed to test pesticide biomolecules and agrochemicals against agricultural insects, fungi, and bacteria pests. We aim to bring innovation in pest management solutions in eco-friendly ways as part of sustainable agricultural processes and Agro biotechnology. Beyond our extensive testing assays, our adept team excels in delivering cutting-edge Agro biotechnology services to support your molecular research requirements, all conveniently housed under one roof. Our capabilities include molecular characterization, genomic profiling of active agents, gene expression analysis, insect tissue dissection, pest diagnostics, and precise fluorescent staining for confocal microscopy analysis. We engage in strategic collaborations with academic laboratories, nonprofit organizations, AgTechs, and startups, offering inclusive technical support in research, project management, and consultation services. Our team of scientists, distinguished by proficiency in multidisciplinary skills, is dedicated to crafting and executing meticulously designed methods and protocols. With a wealth of experience, our scientists will assist you in expediting your project pipeline and facilitating the seamless translation of research discoveries into commercial products for promoting environmental-friendly and organic agriculture.
Our team is committed to delivering optimal solutions to your research inquiries through personalized one-on-one interactions while maintaining competitive pricing structures.


Agro Services

Insect Bioassays

At Agro, we deliver reliable data for toxicity testing the efficacy of bio-pesticidal agents against many agricultural insect pests.

Anti-Fungal / Bacterial testing

Our team uses broad methods for anti-microbial agents such as peptides, proteins, dsRNA-based biopesticides, and fungicides developed by AgTechs and startups. We aim to seek agroecological solutions to pest management problems.

Gene Expression qPCR

Molecular biology characterization of biomolecule-based pesticides. We provide a thorough analysis for the expression of the gene of interest with agro biotechnology.

Microscopy Staining

In-depth microscopic analytics methods for detecting and localizing active agents such as peptides, proteins, DNA, RNA, and dsRNA.


Agro Products


We are the first to offer a pre-filled 128-wells tray. Our high-quality diet is freshly prepared, sterilized, and antibiotic-free. To use the pre-filled tray, peel the sealed lid, place eggs or larvae on the diet and reseal again. It works well with a broad range of lepidopteran species: Fall armyworm, Corn earworm, Tobacco budworm, Beet armyworm, Cabbage looper, and more.

Agro improved lepidopteran diet

We offer an improved formula for the lepidopteran diet for your biopesticides testing assays. Compared to the regular diet, the new formula has proven to enhance the accuracy and consistency of data in agro bioresearch. See below the output data from our trials. In this assay, the efficacy of the tested biopesticide increased with the premium diet resulting in higher mortality and stunting rates than with the regular diet.

As part of our testing trials, we are giving away a free pre-filled 128-wells tray to test the premium formula with your products. Contact us to send you a free sample tray.

Also, we offer prepared diets in cups and other multi-well trays (24, 32 & 96) based on your research needs.

For our clients in St. Louis area, we offer free delivery for weekly standing orders.

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